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"Sometimes the trainers were more aware of the help I needed than I was. I felt as prepared as humanly possible to begin a brand new venture. I continue to feel actively supported even after leaving Atlanta." "This has been a great experience."



"Every time we talk with you, we have an idea in mind of what is not working the way we would hope. We are all set for you to solve that problem for us and we are constantly impressed that you are so good at helping make such a quick difference for us. Bu, we are constantly surprised by the things you think to tell us that we didn't even think to ask about. That makes it even more comforting for us to know that you are watching out for us!"

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"Our office is in a position now where we have more accounts than we can handle.  We are actually booked out 4 weeks in advance!"



"Without a doubt, I felt cared about and that the trainers were available whenever I needed them."



"It is like a gift from Heaven to have the two of you (Dave & Bill) help us and coach us. Your ability to quickly understand what we can do differently to be better recruiters and managers, coupled with your skill in giving feedback and training have provided us with great tools for building our business to the next level."



Q:  What is the PMA franchise concept?

A:  PMA is a business offering recruiting and placement services of full-time management personnel in the restaurant, retail and hospitality industries. These industries are very "Recession Resistant" with a continued demand for talent.  

Q:  What type of investment will I need?

A:  The estimated initial investment ranges from $45,000 to $55,000 (See Estimated Investment) which includes a franchise fee of $30,000, training fee, and three months of start u capital. We suggest keeping your initial investment as low as is possible so you can concentrate on building your business. A complete disclosure (U. F. O. C.) will be provided at our first personal meeting.

Q:  How large is a franchise territory?

A:   A franchise territory is defined as 1 million people in population. We break that down by county and add them up until we reach 1 million people. 

Q:  Who are my customers?

A:   Your potential customers are all restaurants, hotels and retail companies plus anyone looking for management positions in your franchised territory.  In addition, you are not restricted to just your franchise territory. You are able to do business anywhere in the USA as long as there is not an established Personalized Management Associates office there.

Q:  Do I need experience in the recruitment, restaurant or retail business?

A:  No. Through our "Live" comprehensive training program conducted by Certified Personnel Consultants, we can teach you how to find, recruit and place applicants as well as how to obtain companies with hiring needs.

Q:  What assistance and support do I receive?

A:  Begin with a nationally recognized "Live Training" program, plus various operations manuals, marketing and sales support software. Plus, ongoing training for both you and your employee, tele-training, onsite visits, and the ability to communicate with us at every turn of your growth.

Q:  Do I need to have office space to run my franchise?

A:  No. You are able to start up using a home office for up to one year. However, having an office space will allow you to interview local applicants for placement, to meet personally with hiring companies, to conduct on-going educational training and hire the necessary account representatives to grow your business.

Q:  How long will it take to become operational?

A:  We estimate that it will take between 45-90 days to become operational. You can be operational immediately after the initial training program.

Q:  Do I need a large staff to operate my franchise?

A:  No. You can begin and operate as a solo operator. However, additional people can not only help reduce your workload, but can exponentially increase your revenues. As your business grows, you can staff it accordingly.

Q.   Do I select my own location?

A.   Yes. However, upon request Personalized Management Associates can provide you with site selection assistance. We suggest starting out with an executive suite and grow with your business. You will need to obtain final approval on all sites from us.

Q:  Is a single unit the only option available?

A:  No. Our Master Franchise and Franchise Developer opportunities are for those who would not be happy with just a single unit. The Master Franchise and Franchise Developer programs provide larger revenue opportunities. A Master Franchise does not require you to actually run a separate unit, which means less time on the telephone.

Q:  What if I already own a recruiting firm?

A:  PMA has a program to help you convert to the PMA System with a similar program in your current franchise organization. If you are a solo owner, the PMA Conversion program can be tailored specifically to you. One of the advantages with the PMA training program, is learning how to negotiate and obtain larger fees.

Q:  Can I do this on my own?

A:  Yes. You can try, but the odds of success are dramatically against you.

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