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Below Are Just a Few Testimonials From Our Franchisee's.

"Sometimes the trainers were more aware of the help I needed than I was. I felt as prepared as humanly possible to begin a brand new venture. I continue to feel actively supported even after leaving Atlanta." "This has been a great experience."

"In my 1st 9 months in business, after paying back all of my initial investment, I still ran a 49.7% Operating Profit Margin."

3 Weeks After Opening, We seem to be having good results from the account calls we do. We are happy with the increasing level of income. We are also happy to have plenty of work for both of us and our new Marketing Rep/Recruiter trainee."  "We seem to be able to make some placements. We have 4 as of today, with several more pending”

 "It is like a gift from Heaven to have the two of you (Dave & Bill) help us and coach us. Your ability to quickly understand what we can do differently to be better recruiters and managers, coupled with your skill in giving feedback and training have provided us with great tools for building our business to the next level."

"Every time we talk with you, we have an idea in mind of what is not working the way we would hope. We are all set for you to solve that problem for us and we are constantly impressed that you are so good at helping make such a quick difference for us. Bu, we are constantly surprised by the things you think to tell us that we didn't even think to ask about. That makes it even more comforting for us to know that you are watching out for us!"

"Everyone at our office was very thankful for the account call training last week.  All of the recruiters talked about how much it had helped them."

"Our office is in a position now where we have more accounts than we can handle.  We are actually booked out 4 weeks in advance!"

"I love it that you are always looking at better ways to make our lives easier and richer!"

"I felt that the overall content of the initial PMA training program was very inclusive. It is alot of information that comes quick, but is planned pretty well."

"Without a doubt, I felt cared about and that the trainers were available whenever I needed them."

"In training, I felt everyone went out of their way to help me.  Everyone was truly professional. I felt that everyone was putting my interests first.  I definitely wasn’t a number."

"The part of the Initial Training Program that benefited me most was learning to overcome objections, ways to get around them and some good rebuttals.  And, becoming a little more aggressive." 

"I felt I knew a lot about recruiting until I learned how to do it the PMA way.  I left Atlanta feeling very confident and came home with plenty of confidence.  I am now confidently making phone calls and can now say things to get the client or candidate to trust me that I couldn’t do before the training program.  I still have a lot to learn but at least I now have a plan to work and can see the results already starting to pay dividends." 

"There is deep knowledge of the process and its techniques being demonstrated by Bill and David every day. Besides the mechanical aspects, they have a command of the intuitive side of the student as well as with the sales or business side."


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